UPDATE: As of autumn 2018, Taikotronik is no longer running taiko classes.

TaikoTronikTaiko workshops in Glasgow

TAIKOTRONIK runs taiko courses and workshops in central Glasgow.  Courses and workshops are for adults of any age, with or without musical experience.

Each course consists of eight classes at £12 per session (£96 in total). The current course runs on Monday nights, 7 – 10pm, beginning Monday 14th August 2017 (no class on 29th September).

There are also occasional one-off workshops, details of which will be posted here as they arise.

TAIKOTRONIK events currently take place at On the Corner Studio, The Space 257 London Road, Glasgow, G40 1PE

TAIKOTRONIK aims to give a fulfilling and joyful taiko experience for as many people as possible. Come along and give it a bash!

To sign up for classes and/or for more information, contact Georgie at taikotronik@gmail.com

Taikotronik taiko classes

Why to learn taiko

Taiko drumming originates in Japan and is traditionally played at festivals in towns and villages across the country. It is so popular there are thousands of amateur groups there, of all ages, representing a broad cross-section of the community.

Come and try these amazing sounding drums, experience the exhilaration of taiko drumming in a group, and build up your taiko skills.

Taiko is for everyone; you don’t have to be young, fit and strong to play. And even if you don’t think you have any rhythm whatsoever, come along and you might be surprised!

Playing taiko has additional benefits for your well-being as well. It’s empowering and stress-busting. And there’s also the basic satisfaction of making loads of noise with like-minded people.

Taikotronik class

TAIKORONIK is founded by experienced taiko teacher and performer Georgie White and is her labour of love taiko project. She hopes you’ll join her!