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Taiko-based bands in Scotland

Painted X-Ray (formerly known as Ilk) – Glasgow band with taiko drums (Georgie McGeown & Alison Roe), guitar (Jer Reid), bass (Ali Begbie), violin (Rafe Fitzpatrick) – “a band with taiko at its heart”.

Ilk at The Old Hairdressers
Ilk, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, October 2016, photo by Brian Hartley / Still Motion

Issho Taiko Drummers – Glasgow experimental taiko band with Shane Connolly, Lucy Searle and guest musicians – “Issho Taiko Drummers explore new sounds using Japanese taiko drums and collaborations with other musicians to create a new direction within this musical form.”

issho at the Glad Cafe
Issho at the Glad Café, Glasgow, Feb 2017

Velma – a flute project by Georgie McGeown which sometimes features taiko


Taiko Groups in Scotland

There are many taiko groups in Scotland and this is not (yet) a list of all of them!

Mugenkyo – Scotland’s first taiko group, founded by Neil Mackie & Miyuki Williams – “Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers are the UK’s longest established taiko ensemble, and Europe’s only professional touring company of this thrilling & energetic performing art.”

Mugenkyo taiko drummers
Mugenkyo (photo from http://taiko.co.uk/)
Tsuchigumo Daiko
Tsuchigumo Daiko

Tsuchigumo Daiko – a new taiko group in Glasgow – “Tsuchigumo Daiko is an organisation based in Glasgow that teaches and performs the Japanese art of Taiko drumming.”

2taiko – a taiko duo of Alison Roe and Yumi Célia, started in Montréal, Canada, and now based in Scotland and France – “it takes two to taiko….”

2taiko in Montréal, 2012 – photo by Léa Grahovac


Other taiko projects

Some members of Ilk take part in taiko and dance projects from time to time, so far mainly in Glasgow and Dundee.

taiko and dance project
POZA Project, Glasgow 2016, photo by Maria Camila Correa


Taiko in Wales

Another Celtic country with a growing taiko scene…

Aber Taiko – “a community-drumming group based in Swansea (South Wales)”

Taiko Mynydd Du (Black Mountain Taiko) – “the first community Taiko drumming group in Wales” based near Crickhowell (and the Black Mountains)

Taranau – ” a women’s taiko group based in South Wales” – with members from Aber Taiko and Taiko Mynydd Du

taiko in Wales
Aber Taiko at Rainbow Run 2016, Swansea – photo by Kaan Ucele


Other Taiko Friends

Tamashii Taiko, London – founded by Liz Walters, “Tamashii perform exciting and energetic traditional and contemporary pieces” mainly based on the Hokuriku style of taiko from Western Japan – also giving all kinds of classes and workshops

East City Taiko, London – “Drum on the city fringe” – a very cool taiko dojo in Bethnal Green founded by Derek Sansom, focusing on Hokuriku style – with classes by Liz Walters of Tamashii Taiko and Derek – East City Taiko also sell taiko and accessories (at good prices).

Taiko West, Shropshire – founded by James Barrow who’s been teaching taiko in the UK since 1993, “Taiko West specialises in leading high-energy, hands-on Taiko Drumming workshops and Taiko performance projects throughout the UK, offering a professional and flexible approach within an ever increasing range of settings, abilities and age groups.”