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Taiko in Scotland is very varied with professional performing groups and local community groups and everything in between. There are taiko-based bands playing more experimental music. There are taiko players working with dancers and theatre companies. Scotland even has its own taiko-maker, meaning you can buy Scottish taiko and bachi (taiko drumsticks). There’s also a fair amount of taiko teaching going on so if you’ve never played a Japanese drum before and fancy giving it a bash, now’s the time.

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If you’re involved in taiko in Scotland and aren’t featured here, feel free to contact me – alison (at) – and I’ll gladly add any information you send me.

More taiko resources

If you’re new to taiko, here’s a wee introduction
Aber Taiko maintain a great list of taiko resources in the UK and beyond:  taiko links


Painted X-Ray at The Barras, Glasgow (Mix the City project)
Painted X-Ray recording for the Mix the City project, 2018 – photo by Brian Hartley / Still Motion