taiko.scot is an evolving project. My initial aim was to keep folk up to date on the taiko going on in Scotland, including the work of traditional taiko groups as well as the more experimental projects, bands and events that characterise the highly varied Scottish taiko scene. (You can read more about my ideas and taiko in Scotland in this article I wrote for the dotscot registry back in 2016.) However, over time it became apparent that there wasn’t a great demand for such a resource. As such, I am no longer maintaining the website as a whole and am currently using it simply to highlight my own taiko projects. I have left the original website up so you can visit it using the menu links at the top: it’s still a useful Scottish taiko directory. I’m always open to extending and changing it though, so if you’d like to contribute to this website, appear on it, or have any ideas for developing it, please get in touch.

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taiko in Scotland

Taiko in Scotland is pretty varied with everything from a professional performing group to local community groups and everything in between. There are taiko-based bands playing more experimental music. There are taiko players working with dancers and theatre companies. And Scotland even has its own taiko-maker, meaning you can buy Scottish taiko and bachi (taiko drumsticks). There’s also a fair amount of taiko teaching going on, especially across the Central Belt, so if you’ve never played a huge Japanese drum before and fancy giving it a bash, now’s the time.

taiko practice


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