taiko.scot is an evolving project. The aim is to keep folk up to date on taiko going on in Scotland just now. The focus has initially been on the less traditional taiko projects, bands and events I’ve been involved with. However, I’m keen to expand the scope of the website to make it a more comprehensive directory of taiko in Scotland so if you’re doing anything to do with taiko anywhere in Scotland, please get in touch!

UPDATE September 2018: Due to lack of interest/demand, I am no longer maintaining this website. However, if you’d like to contribute to this website, appear on it, or have any ideas for how it could better be used, please get in touch. I’d be very happy to resurrect it if there’s any evidence that there’s any wider interest in me doing so!

enquiries to alison [at] taiko.scot

taiko in Scotland

Taiko in Scotland is pretty varied with everything from a professional performing group to local community groups and everything in between. There are taiko-based bands playing more experimental music. There are taiko players working with dancers and theatre companies. And Scotland even has its own taiko-maker, meaning you can buy Scottish taiko and bachi (taiko drumsticks). There’s also a fair amount of taiko teaching going on, especially across the Central Belt, so if you’ve never played a huge Japanese drum before and fancy giving it a bash, now’s the time.

For more information on taiko in Scotland and taiko.scot, you can read a short article I wrote for the DotScot website here: DotScot Showcase: taiko.scot


taiko practice


taiko.scot is maintained by Alison Roe.

Alison originally learned taiko (in Scotland) as a member of Mugenkyo at the turn of the century. She’s since played in Canada, the US, and Japan with Yumi Célia as 2taiko and was a founding (though brief) member of experimental taiko band Issho in Glasgow. She’s studied with Kurumaya-sensei in Fukui, Japan, and Chieko Kojima (Hana Hachijo) is also a big inspiration. She currently plays with Painted X-Ray, a Glasgow-based band with taiko, guitar, bass and violin. She’s partly based on a sailboat in the west of Scotland and partly in south Wales where she teaches and plays with Aber Taiko in Swansea and members of Taiko Mynydd Du.